This homepage is called "recontextual" - because I want to focus on the problematic mentioned below, and substantiate my thesis, that the gospel in christendom in the western world must be recontextualized, in order for the western world to be won for Christ yet another time!



Since Leslie Newbigin's enigmatic question: "Can the west be won for the gospel?" (which naturally presupposes, that it is not!) - people from the western world have been preoccupied with, how the gospel is proclaimed in christendom. Or as Kierkegaard would have put it: the paganism in Christianity - christendom here understood as an unholy union between state and church.



1.The historical-critical method at the fringe of the 18.th century


2.The demythologizing of the New Testament proclamation towards the middle of the 19.th century

3.The deconstructions attempts of the french and Frankfurt school towards the new centennium


4.The contextual theology movement


5. "missio dei"

"Life is lived forwards -but understood backwards!"



a) Søren Kierkegaard (1813-1855)


b) Lesslie Newbigin (1909-1998)


c) Stuart C.Hackett


d) Alan Roxburgh