Søren Aabye Kierkegaard

Much of his philosophical work deals with the issues of how one lives, focusing on the priority of concrete human reality over abstract thinking and highlighting the importance of personal choice and commitment. His theological work focuses on Christian ethics, institution of the Church, and on the difference between purely objective proofs of Christia-nity and a subjective relation-ship to Jesus Christ, the God-Man, which comes from faith. His psychological works explore the emotions and feelings of individuals when faced with life choices. His thinking was influenced by Socrates and the Socratic method.

Lesslie Newbigin

Bishop James Edward L.N. (8. Dec 1909 – 30 Jan. 1998) was a Church of Scotland missionary serving in the former Madras State (now Tamil Nadu), India, who became a Christian theologian and bishop involved in missiology, ecumenism, and inspired the Gospel and Our Culture Movement.

Stuart C.Hackett

Dr.Hackett is professor and division chairman of the philosophy of religion department at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. His Ph.D. is from Syracuse University.He has also written The Resurrection of Theism, Oriental Philosophy and The Reconstruction of the Christian Revelation Claim

Alan Roxburgh

Alan Roxburgh is a pastor, teacher, writer and consultant with more than 30 years experience in church leadership, consulting and seminary education. Alan has pastored congregations in a small town, the suburbs, the re-development of a downtown urban church and the planting of other congregations. He has directed an urban training center and served as a seminary professor and the director of a center for mission and evangelism. Alan teaches as an adjunct professor in seminaries in the USA, Australia and Europe. His books include: Reaching a New Generation, Leadership, Liminality and the Missionary Congregation, Crossing the Bridge: Leadership in a Time of Change, The Sky is Falling – Leaders Lost in Transition, The Missional Leader, Introducing the Missional Church and Missional Map Making. He was also a member of the writing team that authored Missional Church: A Vision for the Sending of the Church in North America.