• Allan Madsen

"Do you remember the time?"

Some 12 years ago, this summer coming up, I achieved the title of World Champion in seatrout fishing on the fly. A title I actually still hold, as there has been no other competition in that category ever since. I wonder if there will be one soon? But would it not be interesting to have one? For instance in Rio Grande, Argentina? Nowadays Vefsna is teaming with salmon - and therefore little meaning in making a competition in seatrout-fishing here. Thomas Bjørnå is still active in the Vefsna Region, while Jim Nerdahl has retired - but they particularly deserve lots of credits for putting Vefsna on the map back then. We had several consecutive years of wonderful competitions, where many friendships began between the participants from all over Europe. Friendships we nowadayas still celebrate on the banks of Vefsna while fishing for salmon.

Title of the foto (taken by a pro): "The Winner" (2010)

But what do you think? Would a competition be a good idea? Should it be for seatrout or for salmon? Where would it be held? In Norway there still are some rivers holding primarily seatrout...

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