What it Means


When everything is said, a lot of people think, that not everyone are christians in christendom! This is also a fact in the lutheran church in Scandinavia and Germany - as it is in other states where the church is closely connected to the political powers. This is why Newbigin's question is relevant even today! - the issue for us, working in such a state-church alliance, is however, that we admit as members a whole lot of people, who hopefully receive a good deal of training in the christian faith, but who despite that - apparantly - do not really know what christianity actually is - or have a misconception of it - or do not really believe in, what they are told!



And this - what is more - in a time, where there is so much talk about the socalled "contextual theology", and has been for more than 40 years! At the same time the church-grow movement developed (and failed!), the idea of "missio dei" emerged, the "Constantinian" epoch diminished to make room for post modernities, and "emerging" and "missional" church were the concepts on everybodys minds.

This homepage is called "recontextuel" - because I want to focus on the problematic mentioned above, and substantiate my thesis, that the gospel in christendom in the western world must be recontextualized, in order for the western world to be won for Christ yet another time!