The concept "Folkekirke" is soon a thing of the past.

If you want to use the term folkchurch about a church having more than half of the population as members, it has long since not been appropriate for the Lutheran Church of Germany, and according to estimations Sweden will follow around 2020, Norway around 2025, Finland around 2030 and Denmark around 2035.

The case is that even numbers of baptisms are declining, the Lutheran Church of Denmark losing in the 12 years between 2000 and 2011 7,7% points – whereas the Lutheran Church of Finland loses 10,8% points in that same period, the Lutheran Church of Norway 14,7% points and on top of this even sadder trend compared to memberships lies the Lutheran Church of Sweden losing 19,9% points in just 12 years, that is approximately one fifth!

Summa summarum: the lutheran churches of Scandinavia are looking at dramatical changes on all parameters, and all of them for the worse. It is probably too late already to save the term folkchurches for coming generations, then within a generation half the populations in Scandinavia will neither be members, nor bring their children to baptism, nor have them go to confirmation nor attend the Sunday Morning Service regularly.

This calls for drastic measures, and it is called recontextualization and has to be implemented on all levels of activities in the churches of Scandinavia.

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